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NOTE: All ISU organised CPDs will be recorded by the secretariat for all members who would have attended, members are only required to submit Non-ISU CPDs.

Library Guides,Sample Reports etc

SITUATION & GUIDANCE ON RELIABILE USE OF THE COMPARABLE APPROACH OF VALUATION ISU CPD – FEB 2022 MUGISHA TURYAHIKAYO Presentation by RSU Allan T Mugisha at the Valuation Surveying Workshop held on 4th Feb 2022 at Hotel Africana- Kampala
The Role of a Quantity Surveyor in Road Construction Projects Facilitated by QS/Eng Ben Kiwu Rogers on 4th March 2022 at Hotel Africana-Kampala
Insurance and Surveying CPD Presentation Insurance and Surveying CPD Presentation Facilitated by Uganda Insurer's Association on 28th Febrauy, 2022 at Hotel Africana- Kampala
ISU PRE-AGM Conference 2022 Total Energies Presentation ISU PRE-AGM 2022 PRESENTATION BY Total
ISU PRE-AGM Conference 2022 LS Presentation UNRA ISU PRE-AGM Conference 2022 LS Presentation UNRA
ISU PRE-AGM Conference 2022 Presentation on SDG's ISU PRE-AGM Conference 2022 Presentation on SDGs
Building Resilient and Sustainable Busyness' ISU PRE-AGM Conference 2022 Presentation

Professional Guidance

Our practicing surveyors should note that when an allegation of professional negligence is made against a surveyor, the court is likely to take into account the contents of any relevant professional guidance published by ISU in deciding whether or not the surveyor has acted with reasonable competence.

Membership Levels

Membership of the Institution is open to the people practicing in the professions subscribing to the aims and objectives of the Institution, or those persons pursuing professional studies related to the surveying profession and are constituted in a manner consistent with the policies thereof. Fellows, Professional Members and Associate Members are issued with Diplomas defining their classes of membership.
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    By clicking on the Sign Up / Join us buttons on this page, a form will be populated for you to fill and submit. It should be noted that the information the user provides will be used later during his/ her application and therefore, the user is urged to fill in information that is authentic.

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    Complete Personal Profile

    Some of the personal information will be required from the candidate at a later stage during application process. Such information is vital and part of the application that is submitted to the assessment committee.

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    Academic Documents

    All applicants are required to submit all of their academic documents depending on the level of membership sought

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    Select Competencies

    In all cases, the user is required to fill all the Mandatory competencies before proceeding to Core and Technical competencies which can be optional depending on the class or level of professionalism being targeted by the candicate.

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    Critical Analysis Report

    A candidate is obliged to compile a critical analysis report reflecting the application of competencies in order to be awarded a particular level of professionalism

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    Undertake CPD

    Users are able to undertake, schedule and record sessions of Continuous Professional Development(CPD). A candidate is required to have a minimum of 30 points during the year of application.

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