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Logbook notes

All graduates are required to keep a Log Book. A Log Book is to enable candidates present an analysis of their professional experience in a chronological order based on the entries in the book. It will help the assessors determine if the experience presented by the candidates is adequate and properly balanced. It will also provide an easy reference to any particular aspect of training if need arises. Log Books are to be submitted to supervisors for interim inspection at 6 month intervals, and should accompany the final assessment documents.

Candidates should also keep their own records in the form of a training diary on a week-to-week basis. These entries should then be summarised at the end of the month and entered into the Log Book.

The experience received during each month of training shall be entered in the Log Book in the form of days or half days under the area and monthly heading of the analysis sheet.

The Log Book, complete with all entries should be submitted with other final assessment documents at the time of applying for Professional Associate membership.

The Log Book will be the only source of information on the candidate’s depth of knowledge. Candidates should therefore give accurate and detailed information, and take the filling of this Log Book seriously.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the candidate acquires the necessary experience and professional independence. The candidate must be given guidance, advice and encouragement to fulfill the requirements of the professional competencies.

The Supervisor must be a registered Professional with the ISU or any other external, internationally recognised body (MRICS, FRICS), and may not necessarily be the Employer. He/she has the role of advising and supporting the candidate in their development, as well as assessing their competence. The training periods set out are minimum periods. Candidates MUST NOT come forward for final assessment too early (i.e. before achieving the minimum level of competencies). More info

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