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Critical Analysis Report

Critical Analysis Report is an account of a project or piece of work you have been involved in, described in terms of the competencies. Focus mainly on the two technical competencies most relevant to your day-to-day work, but try to refer to other technical and mandatory competencies as well. Use a recent project so that we can be sure your skills are up-to-date.

You may attach illustrations, calculations or plans, provided they are scanned and sent electronically. They should be attached only if they are directly relevant to the two main competencies you are demonstrating in your case study. The template provides a text box for you to describe briefly the context. Use it to set the scene with some details of the project. Include the date and location, the name of the employer and details of your job at the time.

The Supervisor must be a registered Professional LS with the ISU or any other external, internationally recognised body (MRICS, FRICS), and may not necessarily be the Employer. He/she has the role of advising and supporting the candidate in their development, as well as assessing their competence. The training periods set out are minimum periods. Candidates MUST NOT come forward for final assessment too early (i.e. before achieving the minimum level of competencies).

Your critical analysis report should show the following

  • The objective of the project
  • Your knowledge, skills and experience
  • The role you played and the contribution you made
  • Technical skills you employed
  • The overall outcome of the project.
  • Ensure your report:
  • Demonstrates understanding of the competencies
  • Focuses on two technical competencies
  • Displays some of the general business skills (mandatory competencies).
  • While writing the report you should be aware of what you have already said in your summary of experience. Make sure the level and scope of activities you are describing is consistent.

The content of your case study is more important than the style, but it should meet the standard of writing expected in a report prepared for a client. Spell-check, proof-read and take care with presentation. Have a friend or colleague read it, to check it makes sense, is well written and clear

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